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Low melting flaked soy wax for candles in containers - various sizes

Low melting flaked soy wax for candles in containers - various sizes

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100% natural premium soy wax 46. An organic alternative for making container candles. Low melting point to save energy and facilitate production.

Soy candles are an ecological choice because they are made from completely biodegradable raw materials and easy to customize with colours, oils and scents to your liking. Soy candles enriched with vegetable oils are recommended as massage candles because they combine the pleasure of a massage with nourishing cosmetic properties.

Wax of 100% natural origin. Produced and processed in the EU - Spain. Soy wax obtained from the hydrogenation of soy oil without the addition of additives, which is used to make scented candles with zero impact on the environment.

It maintains a greater charge of perfume and a better diffusion of the fragrance. Does not generate smoke. Recommended fragrance dosage: 8-10%

It comes in the form of flakes, white-cream in colour, with a melting point of 46°-52°C.

Give life to your creativity by adding fragrances, colors and finishing the look as you like.

Instructions for Use :

- Melting point 46° - 52° C . Temperature not to be exceeded max : 95° -100°. For an optimal yield, it is recommended to mix the product thoroughly once it has melted.

- Add the fragrance a few minutes before filling. The dye must be melted separately with part of the hot wax and added before filling.

- The optimum casting temperature mainly depends on the ambient temperature. It is recommended to pour at 63-67 degrees, when the room temperature is above 18 degrees. Below this temperature, increase the filling temperature to between 70-80 degrees.

- If the container has a diameter greater than 7 or 8 cm, it is advisable to carry out a second filling, after 2 hours, at the same temperature, by approximately 1 or 2 mm.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniela Porru
Non sono soddisfatta

La cera rimane poco lucida e compatta. Usata per fare candele profumate.
Un altro tipo che usavo era decisamente con resa migliore.
Ottima per imparare ma non per risultato finale.

Ci dispiace che la nostra cera non ha sodisfatto le sue aspettative. Se ha utilizzato la Soywax 46 per realizzare candele in stampi, questa cera non è adatta essendo una cera morbida a basso punto fusione.Questa cera è adatta per realizzare candele in contenitori oppure candele da massaggio.

Federica Terreni


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