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Epoxy Resin Non-toxic transparent

Epoxy Resin Non-toxic transparent

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Perfect for artistic creations and personalized gifts, Non-toxic Transparent Epoxy Resin will allow you to take your works to the next level. Certified for safe contact with the skin after catalysis, it will be the ideal choice for creating wonderful furnishing objects.

Clear, Glossy and Self-Leveling : Get a flawless finish that showcases the true beauty of your artwork with the water-clear, glass-clear surface.

Anti-bubbles : Forget about struggling with air bubbles. This clear epoxy resin, thanks to its low viscosity, does all the work for you.

UV resistant – enjoy the longevity of your art! It is specially formulated to resist yellowing over time, ensuring your creations remain vibrant and eye-catching.

Scratch Resistant - Offers excellent durability, keeping your work looking like new even with daily use.

Castings up to 2 cm thick – Allows castings in thickness, giving your creations a fascinating depth that stands out (Multiple layers can be made)

  • Castings in silicone molds (jewelry, coasters, trays)
  • Conservation of flowers, incorporation of objects and materials (coins, pebbles, shells, corks, etc.)
  • Wooden and resin tables, furniture and woodworking in general
  • Works of art, floors and protective coverings
  • Glass fiber and carbon fiber impregnation (repairs, protective coatings)

Ideal Applications:

Ideal applications for “ultra clear” epoxy resin include: woodworking, creating tabletops, crafting, model making, artistic flooring, fiberglass repairs, photography, ceramic and concrete restoration or coating, and exterior protective coatings.

Technical data:

  • Pot-life (150g at 30°C): 1h20′
  • Complete catalysis after 24 hours
  • Catalysis in film (1mm at 30°C): 6h 00′
  • Maximum casting thickness: 2 cm.

Employment relationship:

Ratio: A 100 : B 60

Coefficient : 60/100 = 0.60


The product can be colored with any dye (both in paste and powder) from 0.1% to 2.0%. Acrylic or water-based dyes are not recommended.

Catalysis Time:

Complete catalysis is achieved in approximately 24 hours, but the product can be extracted from the mold after only 10 hours.

The packs contain components A+B, gloves, 10 40ml scoops and a brush.

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