Tutorial: Guida alla creazione di oggetti in gesso ceramico

Tutorial: Guide to creating ceramic plaster objects

If you've been following our articles on DIY Candle Making , you already know how rewarding it is to create your own custom candles.

🌟 Today, we take you one step further on your creative journey with a video tutorial that will show you how to make personalized ceramic containers, perfect for your candles and beautiful home decor items.

Whether you are a beginner or a ceramic enthusiast, this tutorial is perfect for you!

You will learn tricks and tips to get the best results and create unique and beautiful objects.

Necessary Equipment and Materials :

  1. Ceramic plaster GB101
  2. Silicone molds
  3. Dyes
  4. Container for preparing the ceramic plaster mixture
  5. Water (100ml for every 130g of chalk)
  6. Mixing paddle

Ready to explore the world of ceramic plaster? Prepare your materials, make yourself comfortable and let yourself be inspired by our ideas and advice. We can't wait to see your incredible creations come to life!

Happy viewing and happy creating! 🎨

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